Seminars 2006

DatumPredavateljNaslov predavanja
06.01.2006Neža MRAMOR-KOSTAKoincidence preslikav na G-prostorih, 1. del
13.01.2006Andras STIPSICZRational blow-down and small exotic 4-manifolds
17.02.2006Neža MRAMOR-KOSTAKoincidence preslikav na G-prostorih, 2. del
24.02.2006Franc FORSTNERIČTopološke metode v teoriji Steinovih mnogoterosti
03.03.2006Francesco COSTANTINOShadow-complexity of 3-manifolds
10.03.2006Katsuya EDAAtomic property of the fundamental groups of wild Peano continua
17.03.2006Peter PETEKAli je kvaternionska Juliajeva množica sfera?
24.03.2006Jure KALIŠNIKChern-Simonsove geometrične invariante, 1. del
31.03.2006Jure KALIŠNIKChern-Simonsove geometrične invariante, 2. del
07.04.2006Pavel V. SEMENOVSelections of mappings with values in non-locally convex spaces
14.04.2006Dikran DIKRANJANEntropy of endomorphisms of compact groups
21.04.2006Andreas ZASTROWApplying methods of combinatorial group theory to the problem of infinite commutator products
05.05.2006Žiga VIRKGroba geometrija, 1. del
12.05.2006LE Dung TrangSingular Morse theory
19.05.2006Žiga VIRKGroba geometrija, 2. del
26.05.2006Vyacheslav V. CHISTYAKOVA pointwise selection principle for functions of a real variable and selections of bounded variation
02.06.2006Oleg GUTIKOn countably compact 0-simple and congruence-free topological inverse semigroups
02.06.2006Lyubomyr ZDOMSKYYTopological spaces close to being sigma-compact
02.06.2006Ihor STASYUKExtension of pseudometrics in a zero dimensional space
09.06.2006Henry KINGSemiconfiguration spaces of linkages, or how to design a device which will draw a picture or sign your name
30.06.2006Peter AKHMETIEVTwo applications of the Pontryagin-Thom construction in embedding theory
25.07.2006Jerzy DYDAKHurewicz Theorem for Nagata-Assouad dimension
25.08.2006Denise HALVERSONDetecting codimension one manifold factors with general position properties
25.08.2006Jerzy DYDAKSublinear Higson corona and Lipschitz extensions
08.09.2006Yukio MATSUMOTOElementary surgery on 4-manifolds
08.09.2006Louis FUNARThe wgsc and qsf tameness conditions for groups
15.09.2006Friedrich HEGENBARTHThe use of controlled surgery in dimension four
15.09.2006Witold ROSICKISome remarks on the homotopical dimension
06.10.2006Leonard R. RUBINTwo difficult problems in extension theory
06.10.2006Jan JAWOROWSKIThe transfer map and degree of maps of free G-manifolds
13.10.2006Dikran DIKRANJANOn a question of Conway
20.10.2006Sergey M. AGEEVUniversal space for free actions of a compact (non Lie) group
27.10.2006Matija CENCELJAsimptotična dimenzija ekspanderjev z velikimi cikli
10.11.2006Eva BERDAJSStruktura velikega merila in asimptotična dimenzija, 1. del
17.11.2006Eva BERDAJSStruktura velikega merila in asimptotična dimenzija, 2. del
24.11.2006Martin NIEPELSymplectic 4-manifolds with positive signature
01.12.2006Petar PAVEŠIĆStabilni endomorfizmi končnih kompleksov, 1. del
08.12.2006Daniel RUBERMANPeriodic Dirac operators and positive scalar curvature on 4-manifolds
08.12.2006Andras STIPSICZKnot Floer homology and Legendrian knots
15.12.2006Pavel V. SEMENOVSplitting problem for selections
22.12.2006Umed H. KARIMOVOn non homologically locally connected cohomology manifolds